Building Standards

Generator for a Statement of Sustainability (Sustainability Label) in accordance with standard 7.1 of the Scottish building regulations.

Note: The Sustainability Label generator is updated to no longer require Adobe Flash player. The functionality and presentation of aspects and levels is unchanged.

A Statement of Sustainability (Sustainability Label) must be produced to comply with standard 7.1 of the Scottish building regulations. The requirements of standard 7.1 are within the Building Standards Technical Handbooks.

The labels should be submitted alongside a completion certificate for any new building in Scotland where section 7 applies (refer to the limitations in standard 7.1 if in doubt). The sustainability label should also be affixed within the building. A label should not be produced for any other purpose.

Please use the best available address that identifies the building that the label refers to. Use house, flat, block or building numbers, street names, postcode, UPRN if relevant. Only use development plot number if this is all that is available.

Which year/set of regulations is the building assessed under?

With reference to the requirements contained in section 7 of the Technical Handbook, which of the specified levels of sustainability has the building been designed and constructed to achieve in the following aspects.


As an applicant for a building warrant completion certificate to be accepted by a verifier, I declare that the questions relating to standard 7.1 have been answered truthfully and the certificate generated represents the building at completion.